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Dave Alvin Shares “Van Tapes” Spotify Playlist


Dave Alvin has created a playlist giving fans an inside look at what he and the band have been listening to in the van while touring all these years:

I’ve been touring in vans for over 30 years, and since the very first tour I’ve been making personal van tapes to keep the musicians entertained on the endless drives.

These cassette tapes were my way of sharing the music I love and introducing the music to my various band members in hopes of inspiring them in the same way these old songs have inspired me my entire life.

Thanks to Spotify, I can now introduce these songs to you as well. As we continue traveling down the road, I’ll be adding more songs to this list. So hop in the van with us and come along for the ride.
– Dave Alvin, Aug 2015

Step inside the van and follow the playlist on Spotify below to hear any upcoming additions to Dave’s road tunes.

Dave Alvin and Phil Alvin’s Lost Time is out September 18th. Pre-order from the Yep Roc Store, Apple Music, or Amazon.

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