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Fountains of Wayne’s self-titled debut and UTOPIA PARKWAY are now available on vinyl.


Fountains of Wayne’s self-titled debut and the follow-up, Utopia Parkway, laid the foundation for the band’s reputation as masters of power pop, or as The Dean of Rock Critics, Robert Christgau, put it, “full-fledged art heroes”.  These two albums are considered classics of the genre.  Fountains of Wayne contains the standouts “Radiation Vibe”, “Sink to the Bottom”, “Please Don’t Rock Me Tonight”, as well as the ode to the suburban commuter, “Sick Day”.  This is the first time Fountains of Wayne has been on vinyl since its initial release over 15 years ago.  Utopia Parkway, available on vinyl for the first time ever, features, “Red Dragon Tattoo”, “Denise”, and, “Laser Show”.  PITCHFORK described the album as, “suburbia perfectly captured by four suburbanites with suburban sounds.”  And what better way to experience that sound than on vinyl!

Visit HERE to get the Fountains of Wayne LP, or HERE to get the Utopia Parkway LP.

“Fountains of Wayne albums are usually unimpeachable:  poignant and gently ironic, and ridiculously well made.”  – WASHINGTON POST

“. . . neatly rhymed character studies set to sleekly produced pop rock.”THE NEW YORK TIMES

Side 1
1. Radiation Vibe
2. Sink To The Bottom
3. Joe Rey
4. She’s Got A Problem
5. Survival Car
6. Barbara H.
Side 2
7. Sick Day
8. I’ve Got A Flair
9. Leave The Biker
10. You Curse At Girls
11. Please Don’t Rock Me Tonight
12. Everything’s Ruined


Side 1
1.     Utopia Parkway
2.     Red Dragon Tattoo
3.     Denise
4.     Hat And Feet
5.     The Valley Of Malls
6.     Troubled Times
7.     Go, Hippie
Side 2
8.     A Fine Day For A Parade
9.     Amity Gardens
10.  Laser Show
11.  Lost in Space
12.  Prom Theme
13.  It Must Be Summer
14.  The Senator’s Daughter

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