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Watch Sloan talk about their new TWICE REMOVED Deluxe Vinyl Box Set + Order now at the Yep Roc Store.


The Yep Roc Store is excited to announce that Sloan’s Twice Removed Deluxe Vinyl Box Set is now available for order. Each Twice Removed Deluxe Vinyl Box Set is housed in a heavy duty, tip-on box and includes all of the following items.

Twice Removed – Unavailable on vinyl since the 1990’s.
The Demos – Demo versions of all the songs from Twice Removed in sequential order.
The Outtakes – Demo recordings of the songs that didn’t make it to Twice Removed.
All LP’s include 11″ x 22″ lyric inserts and standard LP jackets.[Click for a Full Tracklisting]

Two more bonus demo recordings.

32 PAGE 12″ x 12″ BOOKLET:
Containing unreleased photo’s, artwork and ephemera from the Twice Removed era. As well, detailed recollections of recording & touring the LP and full track by track commentary by the band members themselves.

Perfect replication of the letter that inspired the song “Penpals”.

40 Random Twice Removed box sets will include an original copy of the Twice Removed Canadian tour poster from 1994, found in Chris Murphy’s archive vault.


Watch the video below to learn more about this amazing set directly from the band.

Here is what Sloan’s Jay Ferguson had to offer on the subject:

“Over the past 21 years, Chris and I have had a sort-of-unspoken race to see who can amass the most posters, magazines, articles, photos, promotional material, ads, demos, and kitchen sinks related to Sloan. It’s still to this day an ongoing chase to fill the vault. Occasionally, we ask ourselves: what on earth do we do (other than bask in the narcissistic glow of it all) with this material we’ve collected?

Well the time has finally come to put all that diligent preservation to use. For a while now, fans have been inquiring about us reissuing our older LPs on vinyl, most unavailable since the ye olde 1990’s. So we thought, instead of just releasing the LPs as they were, and since we have so much extra recorded and visual material for each album, why not do it up in style and try to make expanded deluxe editions of individual LPs. Because 1994’s Twice Removed has alternately been called our ‘finest’ album (hmmm..), our ‘underdog’ record (perhaps), or the best Canadian LP of all time by certain publications (now there’s a healthy debate, Joni!), we thought this LP would be a good place to start.

Included in this deluxe vinyl box set will be Twice Removed on LP, a ‘mirror’ record made up entirely of demo recordings of the songs from Twice Removed (ready for Andrew’s icy acoustic and synth version of “People Of The Sky”?…or Chris singing “Before I Do” with entirely different lyrics? …don’t worry, you’ll be able to read along) and a third LP of demo recordings of songs that didn’t make the cut (check out “Guidance Counselor”.. I’m surprised it never made it to an album eventually…and a radically different “Ill Placed Trust”, 12 years before it finally appeared on 2006’s Never Hear The End Of It).

As well, there’s a 7″ vinyl single containing a version of “I Hate My Generation” with Chris handling all the singing (where was I?) and an extended Velvet Underground-style outro. On the flip side, a snapshot-into-the-process alternate demo of “I Can Feel It”  with completely different chords.

Also included is a recreation of the letter that inspired lead off track “Penpals”. Yet, the piece-de-resistance is the 32 page 12″x 12″ booklet with recollections from all 4 of us regarding the era, making and touring the LP, the songs and the aftermath. This booklet provided the perfect canvas for us to show off all those behind-the-scenes photos (thanks Catherine), posters, alternate artwork and ephemera that have been sitting dormant, waiting to see the light of day since 1994. Oh! well, 40 random box sets are also going to contain an original Canadian 1994 tour poster that appears in the book, straight from Murphy’s archive and into your hands. Golden!

Hope you enjoy the box set, it was fun to assemble over the past 6 months. If it goes well and the fans dig it, we’ll try the same process for another LP in the future. Plus, what else are we going to do with all the rest of the stuff in the vault ??”

A teen in the ’50’s,
Jay F.

August 2012

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